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Your parcel solution!

  • Paying too much for shipping from the US?

  • Buying from a seller on eBay that won't ship to Canada?

  • Selling on eBay and need a place to ship your US parcels from?

  • Able to get free shipping on an order inside the US?

If so, let us handle your parcels.

        Menke's Parcel Service:

            Menke's Parcel Service
539 East, 5th St.
Neche, ND, USA

(Neche is 1 mile south of the
Gretna customs on Hwy. 30)

10:00AM - 5:00PM Monday - Friday
Saturday 9:30AM - 1:00PM
Closed Sunday.

Phone:  (701) 886-7579

(Please note that the phone number
prefix is 886 and not 866.)

Track your parcel
online with:

UPS Tracking

FedEx Tracking

Spee-Dee Tracking

USPS Tracking

Holiday Schedule - Please note that Menke's Parcel will be closed the following days in 2024:

Saturday - April 20
May 27 - Memorial Day
Thursday, July 4th
August 31 - Sept 2nd - Labor day weekend
Thursday Nov. 28 - US Thanksgiving
Dec. 24 & 25th - Christmas

We also ask that in case of severe weather, please call ahead to be sure we are open. We ask that you stay safe.

What we do...
We are located in North Dakota very near the Canadian border. Have your parcel or item shipped to our address so you can come and pick it up. The savings in shipping, especially on heavier items, is usually quite significant, and you can save substantially on brokerage fees by bringing the item across the border yourself. It's also often a much faster way to get something from the US if you need it quickly. If you want to know if your parcel has arrived, if it was shipped with a tracking number, try checking that from the courier's website, or send us an email to inquire if your parcel has arrived.

We are conveniently located 1 mile south of the Gretna Port of Entry. (Gretna is a smaller port, so border waiting time is considerably less then Emerson.)

You can also drop off parcels to be sent via UPS, FedEx, Spee-Dee, or another heavy freight company.

We have a forklift available for heavy items.

What we charge...
Following are our handling fees per package:

$2.00    Envelopes

$3.00    1-10lb & 12"x12"x12" or less

$5.00    1-50lb

$7.00    51-70lb

$10.00   71-99lb & Oversized parcels

$15.00   100lb+

$25.00   per pallet/per month

$35.00   Oversized Pallets more than 4’x6’ per month

*Parcels not picked up within 180 days will be recharged the parcel rate.

*Parcels not picked up within 12 months will become property of Menke Parcel unless arrangements have been previously made.

Please note:
We do not take credit or debit cards. Only cash - US or Canadian funds.

Menke's Parcel Service is not responsible for loss, fire, theft, or damage.

The type of customers we serve...
Many, many businesses and individuals use our services because we are so convenient and affordable. Some people drive considerable distances to pick up their parcels with us.

The freight companies we handle...
We normally deal with UPS, FedEx, and Spee-Dee, although we will handle all major freight companies.

Menke's Parcel Service - over 25 Years in Business Serving Manitoba Customers!

Menke's Neche Location.
Menke's Forklift
Menke's Neche Location.
Menke's Neche Location.
Menke's Neche Location.
Menke's Neche Location.

Menke's Neche Location.